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A Day With A “Clubbie” Part 2

Hey Drillville,

Here is the remaining part of the interview with Drillers Clubhouse Manager, Sam Salabura.

7. What is your schedule like during the off-season?

Usually during November I got back to Arizona and work the Arizona Fall League for the Rockies and other organization’s prospects. Then when I come back around the middle of December and usually pick up a side job for a few months. Before you know it, it is time to head back out to Arizona for spring training and repeat the process.

8. I know there has to be one that stands out, but who was the dirtiest player you ever had to deal with?

I really feel bad about this question, and don’t want to throw any one under the bus. What I will say is that there are definitely people in the locker room that are extremely messy, and there are some players that are very clean. That is pretty much what you are going to get out of me.

9. What is your ultimate goal while working in sports?

I obviously want to be a clubhouse manager for either a Major League Baseball team, or an NBA team at some point in the future. I would also say keeping moving up would be my main goal.

10. With many of the minor league players from Latin America, are there any situations that arise from a language barrier?

Oh yea there are a few situations that arise daily in the locker room. One thing is that I can communicate in Spanish a little bit with them. But I give Dan Pace (Cultural Development Coordinator) a bunch of credit in that department. He does a great job at getting the Latin American players acclimated to the U.S.A, playing baseball over here in the states, and the lifestyle changes needed to be a successful baseball player.

11. What is the main difference from Drillers Stadium and ONEOK Field?

The main thing that I notice is that there is more space here at ONEOK. At the old park there was never enough room for all of the players.

I just wanted to say one last thing before you left. I am really big on twitter now and if anyone would like to follow me they can find me at: @Bura13.